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Casa del Mar

Our small hotel, with its cosy family atmosphere, first opened its doors in 2005, after we had built it with our bare hands and the great support od the local community.

Casa del Mar is situated in the small fishermans’ village of Jambiani, stretched along the south-east coast, where the landscape is dominated by fine, white sand beaches, palm trees and the livelihood of an African village.

Not only is Casa del Mar one of the established hotels on the south-east coast, it also plays a vital role in the village community and is a, by locals, highly respected business. We are aware of our surroundings and try to involve as many people as possible from Jambiani.

Over the last years, power stability has come back to our beautiful island and electricity blackouts are rare these days, however, in case of a power failure, we are equppied with a new generator that guarantees guests to never suffer from electricity cuts.

Since the year 2009, Casa del Mar is one of only two hotels in Jambiani that offers their guests to refresh themselves in a swimming pool, which, with a depth of 1,70 metres, is plenty deep enough for a nice stroll in the water.

The tidal situation in Jambiani allows guests to walk out to the unreal coloured lagoon, however, who simply wants to enjoy their time on the compound is not doomed to wait until the high tide comes back in order to go swimming.

Services we offer, include laundry service, room service, and our own 24 h taxi service.

price from 80$ per DBL room

15 self-containing bungalows, Own terrace and chairs, Ceiling fan, Mosquito net, Air Condition, Safebox, Mini fridge

Half Board :Breakfast and dinner
Full Board :Breakfast, lunch and dinner
All inclusive: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, soft drinks and local spirits (Tanzanian Beers & Spirits & Wine by glass).


Our 14 rooms are located in three buildings. Twelve rooms have sea view and two have garden view. All rooms are tastefully decorated and equipped with East African art and furniture created from eco-friendly, local materials.

The eight rooms on the ground floor have ensuite bathrooms with a shower and a toilet. Every room has a little terrace upfront. The six second floor suites are all duplex rooms, with a spacious living room, a modern bathroom and a balcony on the first floor and a bedroom with a kingsize futon bed on the second floor. Extra beds for families can be added at any time.

All rooms have ceiling fans and mosquito nets.

Casa del Mar has its own freshwater tank. With a capacity of 90’000 litres, there is always enough hot and cold fresh water for the guests’ daily use.


16.07.16-22.12.16 100$
23.12.16-06.01.17 120$
07.01.17-15.03.17 100$
16.03.17-15.03.17 80$
16.06.17-22.12.17 100$
23.12.17-06.01.18 120$

prices per 2 pax

16.07.16-22.12.16 140$
23.12.16-06.01.17 160$
07.01.17-15.03.17 140$
16.03.17-15.03.17 120$
16.06.17-22.12.17 140$
23.12.17-06.01.18 160$

prices per 2 pax

16.07.16-22.12.16 170$
23.12.16-06.01.17 190$
07.01.17-15.03.17 170$
16.03.17-15.03.17 150$
16.06.17-22.12.17 170$
23.12.17-06.01.18 190$

prices per 2 pax


16.07.16-22.12.16 120$
23.12.16-06.01.17 148$
07.01.17-15.03.17 120$
16.03.17-15.03.17 100$
16.06.17-22.12.17 120$
23.12.17-06.01.18 148$

prices per 2 pax

16.07.16-22.12.16 160$
23.12.16-06.01.17 188$
07.01.17-15.03.17 160$
16.03.17-15.03.17 140$
16.06.17-22.12.17 160$
23.12.17-06.01.18 188$

prices per 2 pax

16.07.16-22.12.16 190$
23.12.16-06.01.17 218$
07.01.17-15.03.17 190$
16.03.17-15.03.17 170$
16.06.17-22.12.17 190$
23.12.17-06.01.18 218$

prices per 2 pax


Our circular-shaped, open restaurant is located directly on the beach. In the wider Jambiani area we have gained an excellent reputation for our traditional Zanzibari, Mediterranean and international dishes.
Even many guests of other hotels regularly enjoy our home made fresh-caught fish, meat dishes, vegetarian dishes and exotic desserts for reasonable prices.
Why not try a fresh dish of Indian Ocean fish, such as king fish, tuna, white snapper, octopus or some prawns, or would you prefer a beef steak with tasty sauces?
For a snack our kitchen team recommends some of our selection of „Sambusa” pastries or a light salad.
Our fresh fruit juices are a delicious refreshment throughout the entire day.
In the early morning, when you can have your breakfast on the terrace, the sunlight awakes you with its sparkles on the mellow surface of the Indian Ocean.
At night, the moonlight reflects on the gentle waves, while the palm trees are suavely sweeping in a mild, tropical breeze – at Casa del Mar, you will have a truly magical time and some excellent culinary experiences!

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