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Langi Langi

Named after the aromatic flower, LangiLangi Beach Bungalows is situated on the Fines island of Zanzibar. A resort in nungwi village on North Coast , the most central accomodation and tourist destination. The resort is situated on North end of Zanzibar, famous for deep sea fishing, fantastic swimming beach and dhow making.

PADI diving courses, snorkeling and sailing are among the pastimes you’ll enjoy here at LangiLangi.

LangiLangi beach bungalows is situated on the most beatifull land in Nungwi with its bungalows facing the ocean, pool or the garden.

price from 120$ per DBL room

LangiLangi Beach Bungalows offers 32 rooms out of which 5 are Royal Zanzibari suites, 2 are Marhaba suites, 5 are Seaview suites, 6 are Pool view rooms and 14 Garden view rooms.

Standard rooms (Garden view)

Located in beautiful landscaped gardens, there are total 14 standard rooms out of which 8 are in small bungalows and the remaining 6 are in bigger bungalows with 3 rooms being on the ground floor and other 3 on the upper floor. Each room has got its on private verandah or balcony over looking the beautiful gardens. The rooms can comfortable accommodate 2 people.

Room Details: Air condition, Telephones, En suite bathrooms, Safe deposit box1, double or 2 single beds with mosquito nets, External veranda/balcony, Ceiling fan, Fridge

11.01-06.03.16 132$
06.03-04.07.16 120$
05.07-05.09.16 132$
06.09-19.12.16 120$
20.12-10.01.17 156$

11.01-06.03.16 192$
06.03-04.07.16 180$
05.07-05.09.16 192$
06.09-19.12.16 180$
20.12-10.01.17 216$

Pool double rooms

Set right in front of the pool the 6 pool rooms enjoy the beautiful views of the pool, guests staying in this rooms will also enjoy easy access to the pool, the rooms are also bigger in size compared to the standard rooms.

Room Details:
Air condition, Telephones, En suite bathrooms, Safe deposit box, 1 double bed with mosquito nets, External veranda/balcony, Ceiling fan, Fridge

11.01-06.03.16 156$
06.03-04.07.16 156$
05.07-05.09.16 156$
06.09-19.12.16 156$
20.12-10.01.17 180$

11.01-06.03.16 216$
06.03-04.07.16 216$
05.07-05.09.16 216$
06.09-19.12.16 216$
20.12-10.01.17 240$

The Suites (Sea view, Marhaba and Royal)

Langi Langi never had any sea view rooms but in 2005 the hotel owners decided to build 2 sea view rooms which where named Kidude and Salme, located on the first floor above the café the rooms have got breathtaking views of the Indian ocean and beautiful view of the Zanzibari Sunset from your balcony would be an amazing experience. Due to high demand of the rooms there where 10 additional suites built which are located in a big 3 floor bungalow, on the ground floor there 3 sea view suites which have got there own private verandah.

On the first floor there are 2 Marhaba suites with there own private balcony the Marhaba suites are also bigger than the sea view suites.

The 5 Royal Suites out of which one is located on the first floor, 3 on the second floor and 1 on the top floor or the 3rd floor, all of this suites have got their own private balcony overlooking the Indian ocean, the suites are also larger in size and are highly in demand due to its location.

Room Details:Air condition, Safe deposit box, En suite bathrooms, External veranda/balcony, King size bed or 2 single beds with Mosquito nets, Dressing table, Ceiling fan, Office table, Fridge , Sofas, Telephones


11.01-06.03.16 204$
06.03-04.07.16 192$
05.07-05.09.16 204$
06.09-19.12.16 192$
20.12-10.01.17 228$

11.01-06.03.16 264$
06.03-04.07.16 252$
05.07-05.09.16 264$
06.09-19.12.16 252$
20.12-10.01.17 288$


11.01-06.03.16 228$
06.03-04.07.16 216$
05.07-05.09.16 228$
06.09-19.12.16 216$
20.12-10.01.17 252$

11.01-06.03.16 288$
06.03-04.07.16 276$
05.07-05.09.16 288$
06.09-19.12.16 276$
20.12-10.01.17 312$



11.01-06.03.16 252$
06.03-04.07.16 240$
05.07-05.09.16 252$
06.09-19.12.16 240$
20.12-10.01.17 276$

11.01-06.03.16 312$
06.03-04.07.16 300$
05.07-05.09.16 312$
06.09-19.12.16 300$
20.12-10.01.17 336$


Seafood restaurant also serving local Zanzibari and international cusine very famous for our Traditional Zanzibari Dinner. The restaurant at Langi Langi is considered one of the best on the island offering some of the best Zanzibari food with variety of fresh from the ocean seafood. While having Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner you can also enjoy the stunning views of the Indian ocean and dhows sailing in the ocean.

„Unimpressed by the restaurants along the beach we head back to the hotel where the manager has a theory to explain the dearth of dining: most of the places on the sand cater for Italian tourists (that explains the ubiquity of pizza). Instead we’re advised to go to Langi Langi, five minute’s stroll away. Lit by soft l…amps and overlooking a satisfying curve of ocean, it serves zingingly fresh, expertly cooked grilled octopus and lobster tails for around £9 per main.”

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