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Fell the rythm of Africa in your heart! Explore treasures of Tanzania and Zanzibar. Experience seven days of most adventurous game drives, through a number of unspoilt game reserves and seven days under the Zanzibar’s sun.


Arrival Kilimanjaro Airport Reception and transfer (about 160 km) to camping & resort at Mto wa Mbu. Allocation of rooms, introduction guests and 3-course dinner.
Today we start after breakfast with an excursion to the Maasai village, Mto wa Mbu, a traditional gathering place of the Maasai which has grown into a village of about 10000 residents. There are still many traditional huts and small shops, the ‘dukas’. The Guide will take you on a three-hour walk in the morning to see how the locals live. In the afternoon you can relax at the pool and then enjoy a three-course dinner in the evening.
We drive across the open savannah to reach the end of Lake Manyara. Here we will find many pelicans and pink flamingos foraging around the banks. The warthogs often run in front of the vehicle with their upright tails looking like antennae. Hippos lie in the many rivers that enter the lake. It’s their way of warding off the sun and protecting their skin. The lions in this region climb trees to spot their prey in the distance. Hyraxes adorn the boulders to catch the sun and large herds of elephants leave a trail of destruction in their wake. An adult elephant eats some 250 kg of vegetation and needs 80 litres of water a day.
After breakfast, we leave the camp for the Nogorongoro conservation reserve, a strictly protected area in which everything needs to remain as it is. We drive into the gigantic crater which is 800 metres deep. Here we will see thousands of wild animals. Big prides of lions, herds of zebras, gnus, antelopes, elephants and giraffes which we will be able to photograph from up close. Rare rhinos graze on the plains, cheetah are on the lookout for their prey and leopards can be seen napping in trees. The Maasai have been herding their cattle here for centuries.
Today is set to be (another) special day for us. We will be going on a mountain bike ride that will take us through parts of the Lake Mayara Park delta, where we will see various antelope, hippos, flamingos and pelicans. We start off from the camp and will cycle behind the village of Mto wa Mbu, straight across the fields to Lake Manyara. We will stop at interesting spots along the way and take a look at what the locals are doing.
We will visit the homes of the Maasai and taste their homebrew, Mbenga. We may even taste the Mgando milk, cow’s milk mixed with the blood of the cow and a bit of salt, the traditional Maasai breakfast. They also ferment the milk to make yoghurt. In the afternoon, when it is cooler, we will visit a Maasai family that has its huts outside the village. The children herd the cattle, sheep and goats. We will hear the women start their singing with a sudden ‘humm’, a signal for the Maasai men to start dancing and perform their famous jumps, the one higher than the next. There is much laughter with many poses and you are free to take photographs and film. The mountain bike tour takes about 4 hours and the visit to the Maasai takes two hours.
Guide takes you to the Tarangire National Park, where the gigantic baobab trees dominate the landscape. In this park you will find the highest concentrations of elephants in Africa. You will see herds of hundreds of elephants as we drive along the Tarangire River. They go there to drink, bathe and play to their hearts’ content. Further on we will see countless zebras, antelopes and gnus grazing on the vast savannahs.
We leave the camping resort after breakfast on our way to Lake Eyasi, a soda lake situated between the Great Rift Valley, Eyasi Rocks and the Kidero Mountains. It’s a vast area with many huge baobab trees which is not frequented by many tourists yet. The road to the lake takes you through unexploited Tanzania. The area around Lake Eyasi is home to the Barbaiq and the Hadzabe (bushmen) which has been well preserved. Only 2000 descendants still live here in a deeply-rooted traditional way and they sleep in the open air. They speak the ‘click’ language which is thought to be one of mankind’s original languages.
The bushmen hunt baboons and eat their meat. The women cultivate various vegetables, some of which are unknown to us. Despite the local authority’s attempts to get these tribes to accept modern ways, the Hadzabe refuse to change their traditions. This is a breathtakingly beautiful area and the Eyasi Rocks are some of the most spectacular in the Rift Valley.
Breakfast, relax, pack your bags and a transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport. Flight to Zanzibar. Transfer to Vanilla House. Welcome campifre with a delicious dinner and glass of wine.
Breakfast. Jambiani Tour. Visiting the village, initiation traditions and Snooping life and work: houses, school, post office, herbalist, working fishermen and women on the plantation of algae, tombs, mosques. Leisure day. Dinner.
Breakfast. Leisure day. Dinner.
Breakfast. Stone Town & Spice Tour. Sightseeing of the capital of Zanzibar, a UNESCO. We will learn about the history of sultans and colonization. Lunch on roof Emerson Green. Educational tour of the spice plantations, of which Zanzibar is famous for centuries. Dinner.
Breakfast. Leisure day. Dinner.
Breakfast. Safari Blue. Cruising old wooden dhow boats with sails. We visit the archipelago, where you can snorkeling on coral reef, we eat seafood uninhabited island, see old baobabs. Dinner.
Breakfast. Leisure day. Transfer to the airport.

The total distance covered through the various game parks is about 850 km, of which 320km is from Kilimanjaro Airport and back.

*the schedule of the programme may be subject to minor changes which may be caused by certain (weather)conditions. The number of days’ stay in the parks and reserves will always be carried out.

price 2246$/pp.

per person (2 pax)
child 2166$


National Park
North Tanzania
Lake Manyara, wild animals, hundreds of different kind of birds (especially flamingos), safari
All year except April and May
Lake Manyara National Park is located in northern Tanzania. Created in 1970, it is home to many species of African animals. You can meet there lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, zebras, gazelles. Above this park dominate majestic and giant baobabs.
It is the second highest density of animals in park in Tanzania. During the dry season huge flocks come here – for egsample elephants numbering up to 600 individuals. In this park you can also observe around 550 species of birds, especially colonies of flamingos. Nearby, in the river, you can meet the world’s largest Nile crocodiles.
Manyara Park impresses with its unique topography and valley river, where they live girrafes, ostriches, antalops. leopards and lions herds.


National Park
Tanzania, 180 kms northwest from Arusha, between Lake Manyara National Park and Serengeti National Park
Olduvai Gorge where found human remains before 1,75 million years, Ngorongoro crater
All year except April and May
Ngorongoro National Reserve is a wonder of African wildlife offering breathtaking views. A giant crater, the mountain range sorrending it and the lake full of pink flammings remain in the memory for a long time. In this park live many different kind of animals living there all year and it’s the highest density of animals from all parks in Tanzania. Some people say that Ngorongoro is untouched „Garden of Eden”.


National Park
Tanzania, 126 kms west of Arusha

canoeing, village tour, cycling on the outskirts of the park

Dry season: January – March; June – December (proper season to observe big wild animals)
Rain season: April – May (proper season to observe birds, admire waterfalls or canoing)

Tarangire National Park covers an area of 1360sq km (525sq miles) with scattered Baobab trees, alternating with open acacia woodland which caters for wildlife food, open bush plains, swamps and rivers like river Tarangire. This park is situated in the amazing setting of the majestic Great Rift Valley. You can admire there wild animals like elephants, buffalo, zebra, giraffe, dik dik, ostrich, hippopotamuses and different species of birds (more than 400 species -eg. pelicans, cormorants and thousands of flamingos).


Tanzanian Island
Zanzibar (other name: Unguja) is part of Tanzania (but it’s autonomy). It belongs to Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 25 – 50 kms of the tanzanian coast and 6 degrees below the equator. It’s one of two big islands (second one is Pemba) and it is surrounded by many small islands.

Zanzibar City and its historic centre – Stone Town, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site; Sultan Palace, Persian baths, spice plantations, home of the endemic Zanzibar red colobus monkey, huge turtles on the Prison Island, dolphins, diving, kitesurfing, a lot of small islands on the western side (amazing sunsets!).

All year except end of April and May (rain season).

Beautiful green island, where the time is stopped. Old sultanate of Oman, place to stop for travellers (Vasco da Gama traveling to India). Formerly independent island, the richest area in all Africa, because of its perfect spice plantations (mainly cloves), place of trade for richest merchants of the World. Nowadays Zanzibar is great mix of religions, nations, cultures. Hot white beaches and turquoise Indian Ocean stay in memory for long time. There is equatorial, tropical climate (25 – 35 Celsius degrees). On Zanzibar there is no safari and wild animals like lions, antelops, zebras, rhinos, but it’s possible to organize safari from Zanzibar (camping safari, private safari, luxury safari) to National Parks in Tanzania or Kenya – there you can see the real wildlife in Africa.
You can spend holiday in Zanzibar or its possibly to organize wedding on Zanzibar!


* transfers from and to the Kilimanjaro Airport
* transport in well-equipped 4-wheel off-road jeeps
* all accommodation at the Fanaka Resort in rooms with shower and toilet
* all meals, breakfast, lunch and 3-course dinners
* all entries to: Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Lake Eyasi and Ngorongoro Crater
* mountain bike trip Lake Manyara Park
* excursion Mto wa Mbu
* visit to the Maasai
* meeting the Hadzabe (bushmen)
* English language rangers and chauffeurs
* transfers from and to the Zanzibar Airport
* all accommodation in Vanilla House in DBL rooms with shared shower and toilet
* meals according to the program
* excursion JAMBIANI TOUR
* excursion STONE TOWN & SPICE TOUR, with lunch on the roof Emerson Green
* excursion SAFARI BLUE
* english speaking guide


* entry Visa to Tanzania US$50
* item of personal nature
* gratuity & tipping,
* Possible surcharges


Base resort is in Mto wa Mbu, you will stay in comfortable DBL or QUAD shared rooms with a shower and toilet. There is also a pool with a terrace where you will be able to relax after a safari and enjoy a cool drink from the bar.
Food and drink during the tour means a full breakfast, lunch and a 3-course dinner in the evening. On the days that we are underway in the jeeps, a chef will make a packed lunch for all participants.

Vanilla House is a private Dorota’s Katende House, described in her first book, polish bestseller titled „House on Zanzibar”. This is a place for people, who want to know real life on Zanzibar, not only the tourist side of the island.

You will stay in DBL room with shared batchroom.

This is a private house, guests are welcome but they are asked to respect the rules (among others: respect all the objects and souvenirs that are in the house, take care of the order in the house, not introduce unannounced visitors from outside, do not drink spirits). In Vanilla House lives dog, so please choose another place to stay, if you don’t like animals. At home you can meet the owner of Vanila House – Dorota Katende, but you need to book in advance.

This traditional Zanzibar-style house is located in the Jambiani village, right on a private, palm-lined beach. It offers four rooms, two bathrooms (with shower and WC), two terraces overlooking the Indian Ocean, a communal living/dining area, kitchen and small garden with exit to the beach. In each room in Vanilla House you can admire the traditional zanzibarski decor – large carved sultan bed and cabinets, tables and chairs with plaited palm leaves or goat skins.


This is SAFARI MIDDLE CLASS. Minimal age of the participant is 18 years. Minimal number of participants is 2 person.

first meal- DINNER first day
last meal- BREAKFAST fourteenth day

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