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Mwezi Boutique Resort

Mwezi means „moon” in the Swahili language.

A symbol of all that is rhythmic and cyclic, is the moon through its phases, to mark the biological rhythms of the living creatures and the all of nature.
Its influence is even more visible in a delicate ecosystem, complex, but fortunately still unspoiled as the one in Zanzibar: the daily, even hourly, spectacular change of color of its sea is just one of the effects of the moon, and follows the movement of the tides.

We named the resort after this, in order to celebrate this symbol of transformation and life, without which nothing would be the same.

“Green-compatibility, use and recycling of recovered materials, interior design, modern African art and hospitality”: these are the concepts the project that led to Mwezi Boutique Resort is based on.

Currently, travelers are looking for something different, new and unique.
Mwezi Boutique Resort is the right place to meet this expectation.

Its strength is in the beauty of the pristine place, combined with a new idea for a resort in Zanzibar: merging the ancient building technique using clay and wood and the characteristic makuti roofs, with a modern and exclusive taste , in order to give the resort a unique charm and imprint.

Mwezi Boutique Resort is a resort that embodies the essence of the purest and most authentic Africa, with its rhythms, its perfumes, its colors, but where you’ll find a simple and familiar hospitality, that will make you feel at home.
At Mwezi you will feel at home because as our slogan says, it’s “your home on the beach “

price from 85$ per villa, BB

Half Board : Breakfast and dinner,a la carte menu
Full Board : Breakfast, lunch and dinner, a la carte menu
At Mwezi Boutique Resort we built and created a home for you in Zanzibar.
7 Full Moon Houses, 5 Moon Houses, and 1 Beach House are at your disposal.

All the houses are arranged in two staggered rows, in order not to preclude anyone the spectacular views of the Indian Ocean.
Each one has its own entrance and a large veranda where you can enjoy the sea breeze. Each house sinks in the sand, just like a shell.

Unlike the Moon Houses, the Full Moon Houses have also a living room with a large built-in sofa and an interior loft, a real terrace on the sea.
The Beach house is a small beach house with a kitchenette and an interior loft which also overlooks the Ocean.

The Houses, each one unique and different from the other, are decorated in an exclusive way: and what you find inside is not common to the marketplace. Every accessory, piece of furniture or decor, from the comfortable king size bed to the lamps; from floor to ceiling, have been designed by the owners in an intensive and creative work shop together with the local community

The works of art and paintings come from young African painters and sculptors.

The outside plaster contribute to the design of your home, where only the eco-friendly and bio-compatible materials were used. Consisting of the highest quality natural lime and river sand, this product produces great aesthetics effects. Calibrated by the use of natural earths it creates a play of tones and shades of color which varies depending on the day light, making the environment come to life.

The hangers are recycled cardboard and each wardrobe closet is made with reclaimed woods.

These are the choices which make Mwezi Boutique Resort so unique and special.

FULL MOON VILLA (max 5 pax)

15.12.16-22.12.16 130$
23.12.16-06.01.17 160$
07.01.17-31.03.17 140$
01.04.17-30.06.17 105$
01.07.17-31.10.17 140$
01.11.17-22.12.17 130$
23.12.17-06.01.18 170$

prices per 2 pax

15.12.16-22.12.16 170$
23.12.16-06.01.17 200$
07.01.17-31.03.17 180$
01.04.17-30.06.17 145$
01.07.17-31.10.17 180$
01.11.17-22.12.17 170$
23.12.17-06.01.18 210$

prices per 2 pax

15.12.16-22.12.16 200$
23.12.16-06.01.17 230$
07.01.17-31.03.17 210$
01.04.17-30.06.17 175$
01.07.17-31.10.17 210$
01.11.17-22.12.17 200$
23.12.17-06.01.18 240$

prices per 2 pax

MOON VILLA (max 2 pax)

15.12.16-22.12.16 110$
23.12.16-06.01.17 130$
07.01.17-31.03.17 120$
01.04.17-30.06.17 85$
01.07.17-31.10.17 120$
01.11.17-22.12.17 110$
23.12.17-06.01.18 140$

prices per 2 pax

15.12.16-22.12.16 150$
23.12.16-06.01.17 170$
07.01.17-31.03.17 160$
01.04.17-30.06.17 125$
01.07.17-31.10.17 160$
01.11.17-22.12.17 150$
23.12.17-06.01.18 180$

prices per 2 pax

15.12.16-22.12.16 180$
23.12.16-06.01.17 200$
07.01.17-31.03.17 190$
01.04.17-30.06.17 155$
01.07.17-31.10.17 190$
01.11.17-22.12.17 180$
23.12.17-06.01.18 210$

prices per 2 pax


The menu is based mainly on products at km. zero. All raw materials are bought from local farmers and producers, to support local agriculture and rural economy.

We buy fresh fish caught in the morning by the fishermen from the nearby village, and we use only seasonal fruit, mostly from our own orchard, in order to guarantee its freshness.

Breakfast, international style, included in the price, is served in the charming terrace loft of our restaurant, so that you can start your day treating your senses to the spectacular and restful scenery .

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