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Ras Michamvi***

Ras Michamvi-just among friends
Stay over at your friend’s house, stay at Ras michamvi. At Ras michamvi everybody enjoys the Indian Ocean view from his veranda. Wanna see? At Ras Michamvi everybody combines delight with lounging. Wanna taste? At Ras Michamvi active relaxing seems so logical! Wanna try? Come on be part of it, be part of Ras Michamvi.

Cosy up
Our doors are open for everybody. Guess what, that’s why even other visitors indulge themselves in our Lounge-Restaurant or relax with a Cocktail at our bar. Who wouldn’t regarding the inspiring atmosphere and view?

Ras Michamvi Beach Resort is placed in Michamvi in the middle of the stunning Ras at south-eastern coast of Zanzibar. Palm trees dancing in the wind, gentle waves of the turquoise Indian Ocean are waiting for your visit. Our promenade invites you to inhale the sunny side of life or to just lose yourself in the coolness of the shade.

Karibu sana – welcome!

price from 80$ per DBL room

15 self-containing bungalows, Own terrace and chairs, Ceiling fan, Mosquito net, Air Condition, Safebox, Mini fridge

Half Board :Breakfast and dinner
Full Board :Breakfast, lunch and dinner
All inclusive: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, soft drinks and local spirits (Tanzanian Beers & Spirits & Wine by glass).


15 bungalows with ocean view and partial ocean view are awaiting your stay. Each not only self-containing but also with a veranda and barazas.. Here you can enjoy every moment of the day and let the winds from the Indian Ocean carry you away.

Bringing our philosophy into reality, we’ve equipped our bungalows with furniture out of sustainable materials and have build them with traditional technics. Nevertheless is the design modern and homey – comfort is inclusive.


01.04.17-31.05.17 100$
01.06.17-15.07.17 120$
16.07.17-31.10.17 140$
01.11.17-20.12.17 120$
21.12.17-06.01.18 160$
07.01.18-31.03.18 140$

prices per 2 pax

01.04.17-31.05.17 210$
01.06.17-15.07.17 230$
16.07.17-31.10.17 250$
01.11.17-20.12.17 230$
21.12.17-06.01.18 270$
07.01.18-31.03.18 250$

prices per 2 pax

01.04.17-31.05.17 180$
01.06.17-15.07.17 200$
16.07.17-31.10.17 220$
01.11.17-20.12.17 200$
21.12.17-06.01.18 240$
07.01.18-31.03.18 220$

prices per 2 pax

01.04.17-31.05.17 150$
01.06.17-15.07.17 170$
16.07.17-31.10.17 190$
01.11.17-20.12.17 170$
21.12.17-06.01.18 210$
07.01.18-31.03.18 190$

prices per 2 pax


01.04.17-31.05.17 80$
01.06.17-15.07.17 100$
16.07.17-31.10.17 120$
01.11.17-20.12.17 100$
21.12.17-06.01.18 140$
07.01.18-31.03.18 120$

prices per 2 pax

01.04.17-31.05.17 130$
01.06.17-15.07.17 150$
16.07.17-31.10.17 170$
01.11.17-20.12.17 150$
21.12.17-06.01.18 190$
07.01.18-31.03.18 170$

prices per 2 pax

01.04.17-31.05.17 160$
01.06.17-15.07.17 180$
16.07.17-31.10.17 200$
01.11.17-20.12.17 180$
21.12.17-06.01.18 220$
07.01.18-31.03.18 200$

prices per 2 pax

01.04.17-31.05.17 190$
01.06.17-15.07.17 210$
16.07.17-31.10.17 230$
01.11.17-20.12.17 210$
21.12.17-06.01.18 250$
07.01.18-31.03.18 230$

prices per 2 pax


What can you expect?
Everything! But mainly grown in Zanzibar and fresh. No matter if it is breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner, all the international and regional dishes, refined by our German chef are creations which mainly consist of seasonal and regional ingredients.

Short and crisp
Opened early mornings till late evening
Early draw our attention to your special nutrition requests
Food and drinks chargeable in Dollar, TSH and Euros
Possible payments: Cash and credit cards

Delightful relaxation
Wanna chill out or enjoy some delicious tapas instead? Why chose, have both! Allow yourself a cocktail while you let yourself be spoiled by the fresh creations of our creative mastermind Axel and his chef team.

Dine and feel good?
Sure Don’t worry, no wish is too special. You don’t want, you are not allowed or you just can’t eat something particular? No problem, we will fit in with you. And vegetarian or vegan menus? Not a thing to be mentioned. We make everything possible!

Do You want to book it?

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