SAFARI Mikumi & LEISURE on Zanzibar- Mikumi, Vanilla House

Start your trip from safari in Mikumi, meet the most famous African animals. After the safari enjoy the beach and sun on Zanzibar in the picturesque fishing village, in a private house well-known Polish writer Dorota Katende.


Pick up from the Dar es Salaam airport. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner at the hotel on their own. Rest.
After breakfast before 12 o’clock departure towards Mikumi by car with driver. Along the way we pass many typical African villages and towns. Along the way, a short rest, the opportunity to purchase fruit and snacks for lunch. About 17 arrival to Mikumi Park. Overnight in very comfortable and nice Lodge with bathrooms and WiFi. Dinner, menu ordered on the spot. Fireplace with the Maasai singing with cicadas.
Around 9 am, after breakfast drive to Mikumi Park to intense safari. Here you will see spectacular views of the African savannah and the animals that live there: elephants, lions, giraffes, zebras, hippos, antelopes as wildebeest, jackals and other animals, and beautiful birds. Lunch picnic and rest in the shade of the trees. You will have occasions to enter the old baobab tree or climb to its summit. After lunch we continue the safari park. Unforgettable views of sunset over the savannah and Udizungwa mountains at the end of safari. On the way back oportunity to meet elephants. Transfer to the Lodge. Dinner, fireplace.
After breakfast about 8 exit towards Dar es salaam by car. On the way lunch on your own: buying snacks or fruit. Normally arrival approx. 14 to Dar es salaam port for the last ferry at 16.30 pm to Zanzibar. Pick up from the port, transfer to Vanilla house. Dinner.
Stay at the Vanilla house with breakfast (beetwen 8- 10) and dinners (beetwen 18- 20).
During the stay you will have the opportunity to take part in the many attractions and excursions (extra charge).
About 15 trip to the village of Kizimkazi, which is famous for meeting the dolphins and the oldest major baobaów in Zanzibar. By car it takes about 45 minutes. Motor sail boat sailing on the ocean where the snorkeling, we will admire the coral and underwater world. Perhaps we will meet dolphins. We will watch the sunset by the ocean. On the shore you will get barbeque seafood and wine. Evening candlelight or fire. About 20 return home.
Leisure. Berakfast and dinner inclusive. You can take part in one of our excursions (extra charge).
Brakfast. 3 hours before the flight, transfer to the airport on Zanzibar.

price 1490$/pp.

lowest price per person (2 pax)

child or third person 1210 USD

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National Park

Central – eastern Tanzania, 283 km west of Dar es Salaam

Small park with all kind of African animals, the best for short safari; road connects Dar es Salaam – Mikumi (4 hours drive)

All year expect April and May

Park is lokated between two mountain massifs – Udzungwa and Uluguru; north of Selous – the largest nature reserve in Tanzania. You can easily meet here „Big Five” (elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard). You can see here also hipopotamuses, giraffe, zebras and hundreds kinds of birds. The park covers an area of 3,230 sq kms and it’s the fourth-largest park in Tanzania. The landskape here is similar to the most popular park in Tanzania – Serengeti.


Tanzanian Island

Zanzibar (other name: Unguja) is part of Tanzania (but it’s autonomy). It belongs to Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, 25 – 50 kms of the tanzanian coast and 6 degrees below the equator. It’s one of two big islands (second one is Pemba) and it is surrounded by many small islands.

Zanzibar City and its historic centre – Stone Town, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site; Sultan Palace, Persian baths, spice plantations, home of the endemic Zanzibar red colobus monkey, huge turtles on the Prison Island, dolphins, diving, kitesurfing, a lot of small islands on the western side (amazing sunsets!).

All year except end of April and May (rain season).

Beautiful green island, where the time is stopped. Old sultanate of Oman, place to stop for travellers (Vasco da Gama traveling to India). Formerly independent island, the richest area in all Africa, because of its perfect spice plantations (mainly cloves), place of trade for richest merchants of the World. Nowadays Zanzibar is great mix of religions, nations, cultures. Hot white beaches and turquoise Indian Ocean stay in memory for long time. There is equatorial, tropical climate (25 – 35 Celsius degrees). On Zanzibar there is no safari and wild animals like lions, antelops, zebras, rhinos, but it’s possible to organize safari from Zanzibar (camping safari, private safari, luxury safari) to National Parks in Tanzania or Kenya – there you can see the real wildlife in Africa.
You can spend holiday in Zanzibar or its possibly to organize wedding on Zanzibar!


* Transfers from the Dar es Salaam airport to the hotel
* Transfer from hotel to the Mikumi Adventure Lodge
* Transfer from the safari to the ferry
* Ferry from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar
* Transfer from the port to the hotel on Zanzibar
* 1 night stay in Dar es salaam middle class
* 2 nights in Lodge on safari
* 10 nights in Vanilla House
* Board b/b on safari, HB on Zanzibar
* Mikumi park fee
* Program safari
* Sunset trip Kizimkazi
* English-speaking guide care
* Travel insurance
* Transport by car for Sunset Kizimkazi
* 4WD transport by car with removable roof with the driver during the safari


* Internal or International Flight Ticket
* Entry Visa to Tanzania US$50
* Drinks except those mentioned in the program
* Gratuity&tipping for guide (about 5/10 USD per day)
* Gratuity&tipping for Lodge staff
* Dinner in Dar es Salaam and meals on safari beside breakfast (about 10USD per day)
* Own expenses
* Towels


New Lodge on the border of the Park. Beautifully situated in the bush. Large rooms, comfortable beds, large bathroom with hot water. Each room has a terrace. Pleasant, professional discreet service. Delicious meals, cooked for order. Dinner for about 10 usd per person per day, a very extensive menu, large portions, Swahili cuisine, also grilled meat and vegetarian meals. Recommended for everyone, good for the families with children.

Vanilla House is a small 4-room-house with a local character. The house is situated on Zanzibar Island, on the very Indian Ocean, on the coast of East Africa. Zanzibar is an autonomic part of Tanzania – the kingdom of safari: wild animals and traveling among them.We invite you to the authentic African Jambiani village. Vanilla House has been built by Dorota Katende, an author of „Dom na Zanzibarze” („The House on Zanzibar”) book.I created the house in Zanzibar style with the elements wove from palm leaves (makuti), with typical Zanzibar furniture such as carved large sultan’s beds.It doesn’t have a hotel standard, apart from double rooms, every part of the house is for joint use, and in the house there should not be more than 8 persons, with such personality traits as: willingness to understand other culture, tolerance, cooperation in the organization of time and order. On the terrace above the house in the makuti shade you can admire the breathtaking ocean view. You can spend here whole days reading books, benefiting from local massages, drinking wine, lazing around with no rush.

There are 4 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen where the cook bustles about. Everything is very simple, but sufficient enough to rest from the civilization. In the Vanilla House you can, if you want or even sometimes by chance, become a witness or even a creator of a history – the content of second part of the book: “Dom na Zanzibarze” (“The House on Zanzibar”).In the Jambiani village various bars offer cold drinks, on Fridays or Saturdays music and dance. We also recommend diving in the nearby diving base.Important information – my friendly dog Rodos, very often lives in Vanilla House– so please take it into consideration if you have an allergy or you don’t like animals.

Meals in Vanilla House.
Breakfast (from 8 to 10 a.m.): fruits, fresh juice, eggs (scrambled eggs, omelette – the cook asks which one would you like) or pancakes – and bread, butter, jam, coffee, tea.
Dinner (from 6 to 8 p.m.): fried, grilled or stewed in sauces: fishes, octopuses, squids, czasa (a kind of shell, similar to mule) with rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cooked bananas, manioc (cassava) and different salads (usually with tomatoes, paprika, avocado, papaya, spinach and carrots.

You can also order a lobster or shrimps (prawns) for extra charge (please, arrange it in advance with the manager). Cost for 1 kilo of shrimps is about 25 USD, and 1 kilo of lobsters – about 40 USD (depends on season). The meat, lobsters and shrimps are purchased in Stone Town, please order them on one day in advance.
In Vanilla House there is usually a possibility to order beers, dry red or withe wine. Please let us know earlier if you would like to have specific beverages in the fridge. You can set a menu with the cook or let him choose the courses for you, from the most fresh products, especially those fished out by fishermen on the same day.


This is SAFARI MIDDLE CLASS. Minimal age of the participant is 7 years old. Minimal number of participants is 2 people.

first meal- BREAKFAST second day
last meal- BREAKFAST fourteenth day

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