The Best of East Africa SAFARI- Masai Mara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Amboseli ****+

Experience an unusual adventure in luxurious style. Learn the secrets of Kenya and Tanzania during the 12 days. Cross the most beautiful places and meet the famous animals of Africa.


Up on arrival at Nairobi Airport (NBO) you will meet and greet by your safari guide who will escort you at your car for transfer to Nairobi city at your hotel Pan Afric Hotel – 4 Star or Nairobi Serena Hotel – 5 Star (Upgrade to Nairobi Serena Supplement US$20.00 per person). Meal Plan: Breakfast.

After breakfast drive from Nairobi, 2 hour drive to Lake Naivasha which is located north west of Nairobi, outside the town of Naivasha. It is part of the Great Rift Valley. Along the way you will make a special stop at a viewpoint to enjoy the beautiful views of the Great Rift Valley Escarpment. Lake Naivasha is a beautiful freshwater lake in Kenya. The lake has a vast surface area of 139 square kilometers and averages at 6 meters in depth. Arriving around midday on time for lunch after lunch, early afternoon a unique experience take a boat safari on Lake Naivasha. This is a beautiful freshwater lake, fringed by thick papyrus is almost 13 km’s across, but its waters are shallow with an average depth of five meters. The waters of the lake draw a great range of game to these shores. Giraffes wander among the acacia, Buffalo wallow in the swamps and Colobus monkeys call from the treetops while the Lakes large hippo populations sleep the day out in the shallows. Dinner and overnight stay at your deluxe safari lodge at Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge or Lake Naivasha Simba Lodge – 4 Star. Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

After breakfast travel to Masai Mara Game Reserve for game drive through rough and country side road, famous for its Big Five and Big cats, Lion, Leopard and Cheetah, en-route game drive pm dinner and overnight stay at your deluxe safari lodge Mara Serena Lodge Lodge or Ashnil Lodge or Mara Sarova Camp. Meal plan: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch box, Dinner.
DAY 4 Masai Mara Game Reserve
Morning and afternoon game drives in this spectacular Masai Mara game reserve, all with superb photographic opportunities. Blessed with a permanent water supply, Masai Mara has a permanent population of plains game. The “Big Five” – Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard and Rhino are quite common. Dinner and overnight stay at your deluxe safari lodge Mara Serena Lodge Lodge or Ashnil Lodge or Mara Sarova Camp 4 Star. Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

After breakfast we pack up and leave our lodge with a picnic lunch for long drive from Masai Mara crossing, the Kenya and Tanzania boarder of Isebania and Serari where you will clear customs and Immigration, than proceed to Tanzania entering Serengeti National Park via Ndabaka, The park’s name, Serengeti, means ‚endless plains’ and is derived from the Masai language. The park lies in a high plateau between the Ngorongoro highlands and the Kenya and Tanzania border, if time permits en-route game drive. Dinner and overnight stay at your deluxe safari lodge Serengeti Serena Lodge – 5 Star or Serena Mbuzi Mawe Camp – 5 Star or Mbalageti Tented Lodge – 5 star. Meal plan: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch box, Dinner.

After breakfast enjoy your Tanzania safari in the world famous wildlife sanctuary the Serengeti National Park. The largest National Park in Tanzania, is about 14,763 sq kms in area, in Tanzania. Summed up as ‚one of the most unique areas in the world. The Serengeti contains the largest remaining concentration of plains game in Africa, on a scale, which has no parallel any where in the world. The abundance of herbivores includes Wildebeest, Zebra, Gazelle, Topi, Buffalo, and Hartebeest, to name but a few. Serengeti is also famous for Predators e.g. Lion, Cheetah, Leopard, Hyena and contains a wide variety of birdlife, believed to be in the region of 500 species. Dinner and overnight stay at your deluxe safari lodge Serengeti Serena Lodge – 5 Star or Serena Mbuzi Mawe Camp – 5 Star or Mbalageti Tented Lodge – 5 star. Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

After breakfast enjoy your another day game drive in Serengeti National Park with picnic lunch. Your safari guide will explore various areas Moro kopjes and Gol kopjes. The extensive grasslands are interspersed with Kopjes rocky outcrops like islands in the flat plain, each with their own wildlife communities. Discover the Seronera rivers flow through the park, providing habitats for a variety of birds, mammals and reptiles. Afternoon proceed to Nabi Hill date were you will enjoy your memorable picnic lunch, after we will proceed to Malanja depression entering Ngorongoro Conservation Area, proceed to the Ngorongoro Serena Lodge, with clouds rolling over the rim like a misty waterfall, the setting is dreamy. Your unique lodge deluxe safari lodge fits into the contours of the Ngorongoro crater rim, and is built of volcanic rock. It offers a spectacular view of the Ngorongoro Crater floor, yet it is virtually invisible when you are down on the crater floor next day on your game drive. Dinner and overnight stay at your safari lodge, Ngorongoro Serena lodge – 5 Star or Ngorongoro Explorean – 5 Star. Meal plan: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch box, Dinner.

Today after breakfast Prepare yourself for Africa’s Eden, 6 hours tours of Ngorongoro Crater. The Ngorongoro Crater which is a famous for its Big Five and home to rare Black Rhino and has its own Soda Lake. The concentration of animals means that you are likely to see several Lion in a short period of time. You descend 2,200 feet for a thrilling day among Africa’s Big Five Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Black Rhino and Leopard, before returning to your lodge Lake Manyara Serena Lodge. Your deluxe lodge for dinner and overnight stay at Lake Manayara Serena Lodge – 5 Star or Kirurumu Tented Lodge – 5 Star. Meal plan: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch box, Dinner.

After breakfast to Lake Manyara National Park which is one of the finest parks in Tanzania your will enjoy your morning and afternoon game drive followed by choice of Picnic lunch at Lunch at your lodge, pm depart towards the village of Mto wa Mbu and Great Rift Valley than proceed to your unique safari lodge which offers a spectacular view of the Lake Manyara National Park, for dinner and overnight stay at your safari lodges, Lake Manyara Serena Lodge – 5 Star or Kirurumu Tented Lodge – 5 Star. Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

After breakfast proceed with picnic lunch to City of Arusha which is a centre point of Cape to Cairo. Than proceed to Amboseli National Park, crossing Tanzania and Kenya boarder of Namanga Manyara where you will clear customs and Immigration procedure proceed to Kenya, entering Amboseli National Park if time permits en-route game drives, late pm for dinner and overnight stay at your lodge Amboseli Serena Lodge or Amboseli Oltukai Lodge – 5 Star. Meal plan: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch box, Dinner.

After breakfast enjoy your game drive to Amboseli National Park, situated at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro (19,430 ft). Amboseli is famous for its vast herds of Elephants and stunning views of Kilimanjaro on clear days. Midday lunch at the lodge followed by afternoon game drive. Pm Dinner and Overnight stay at your deluxe safari lodge, Amboseli Serena Lodge or Amboseli Oltukai Lodge – 5 Star. Meal plan: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

If time permits after breakfast drive to Amboseli National Park for morning game drive till midday when you will have lunch at your lodge and say farewell to Best of East Africa Safari, pm proceed to Nairobi drop at Nairobi Airport for your onward journey back home End of Safari.

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National Park

Southern Kenya (west of Nairobi)

Maasai village, balloon flights, gnu antelope migrations

All year except April and May (migrations: July – October)

Masai Mara is located in Kenya and it’s the northern part of the vast Serengeti ecosystem. Park is located approx. 1,500 meters above sea level. Masai Mara is famous for its spectacular phenomenon of animal migration (to find food).
Name MASAI MARA comes from Maasai who live here. Their living conditions and traditions have not changed for hundreds of years. Maasai live in clay houses or in huts, wear red decorated clothes for deterrent wild animals. Massai warriors wear a lot of jewelry: beads, necklaces, bracelets – it looks amazing!
Name MASAI MARA also comes from Mara river – the border beetween Kenya and Tanzania. This river is a place of spectacular animals migrations. You can see there thusend of gnu antalope, zebras, crocodiles and hippopotamuses on the endless sawannah background.


National Park

Tanzania (335 kms from Arusha)
Balloon safari, maasai’s old murals, nearby Ngorongoro Crater, Olduvai Gorge, active volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai, flamingos on the Natron Lake
All year except April and May (migrations: September, short rains happen in november and december)
Serengeti is the most popular park in Africa and the largest protected area in the world. In 1951 acquired the status of a national park and was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Park is a plain overgrown with grass savannah with acacia trees and single rocky hills. You can admire the amazing views, spectacular sunrises and sunsets and experience the unique atmosphere of the natural environment. Endless savannah, rich vegetation and diversity of animals makes this place a must see when you are in Tanzania.
A special attraction here are the annual migration of herds of wildebeests (Gnu antelope), with numerous herds of zebras and lions. Migration routes of animals are unpredictable, therefore is worth to reserve about three days to observe wildlife. Observation crossing numerous rivers by herbivores is very exiting – in the water there are a lot of crocodile and other wild beasts, so survive only the strongest animals.
In Serengeti Park you can see also a large population of lions, leopards, cheetahs, rhinos, elephants, many species of antelope and many colorful birds.


National Park

Tanzania, 180 kms northwest from Arusha, between Lake Manyara National Park and Serengeti National Park
Olduvai Gorge where found human remains before 1,75 million years, Ngorongoro crater
All year except April and May
Ngorongoro National Reserve is a wonder of African wildlife offering breathtaking views. A giant crater, the mountain range sorrending it and the lake full of pink flammings remain in the memory for a long time. In this park live many different kind of animals living there all year and it’s the highest density of animals from all parks in Tanzania. Some people say that Ngorongoro is untouched „Garden of Eden”.


National Park

North Tanzania
Lake Manyara, wild animals, hundreds of different kind of birds (especially flamingos), safari
All year except April and May
Lake Manyara National Park is located in northern Tanzania. Created in 1970, it is home to many species of African animals. You can meet there lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes, zebras, gazelles. Above this park dominate majestic and giant baobabs.
It is the second highest density of animals in park in Tanzania. During the dry season huge flocks come here – for egsample elephants numbering up to 600 individuals. In this park you can also observe around 550 species of birds, especially colonies of flamingos. Nearby, in the river, you can meet the world’s largest Nile crocodiles.
Manyara Park impresses with its unique topography and valley river, where they live girrafes, ostriches, antalops. leopards and lions herds.


National Park

Southern Kenya, close to the border with Tanzania. About 250 kms north of Nairobi, travel time: minimum 5 hours.
The most beautiful and breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro, especially at dawn. A lot of small lakes with bathing elephants, hippopotamuses and other animals.
All year except April and May.
Amboseli National Park is famous for its large variety of birds (about 50 species) like pelicans, ducks, cormorants. In this park live a lot of animals: huge herds of elephants, hippopotamuses, rhinos, buffaloes, giraffes, leopards, baboons, hyenas and jackals. Formerly lions lived here also, but they were killed by the Maasai – kill the lion to became a mature man, this is Massai tradition.


* All meals and Accommodation as per Itinerary,
* 11 Breakfast,
* 5 Lunches,
* 5 Picnic Lunches,
* 10 Dinners,
* All transfers,
* Park Fees,
* Game Viewing as per Itinerary with the English speaking guide,
* 1 Boat Safari in Lake Naivasha,
* Transportation on Safari vehicle with a pop up roof,
* 1 Single park fees for Masai Mara is Included,
In case on Demand for Second Park fees at Trans Mara clients will have to pay direct US$80 per person per day, luggage allowance 15kg per person in a soft bag.


* Laundry,
* Item of personal Nature,
* Travel Insurance, (surcharge 2 USD pppd)
* Internal or International Flight Ticket,
* Entry visa to Kenya US$50
* Entry Visa to Tanzania US$50,
* Drinking Water,
* Gratuity & Tipping,
* Phone, Fax, and any other item which is not mention in the Itinerary, US$20 per person per night supplement for Upgrade to Nairobi Serena.


1 Night Pan Afric Hotel – Narobi.
1 Nights Lake Navasha – Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge.
2 Nights Mara Serena Lodge – Masai Mara Game Reserve.
2 Nights Serengeti Serena Lodge – Serengeti National Park.
1 Nights Ngorongoro Serena Lodge – Ngorongoro Crater.
2 Nights Lake Manyara Serena Lodge – Lake Manyara National Park.
2 Nights Amboseli Serena Lodge – Amboseli National Park.

Our main goal is customer satisfactory, on Best of East Safari we hold block booking allotments with Serena Lodges , accommodation while on safari but due sometimes overbooking situation we reserve the rights to re-route the programme starting safari from Amboseli instead of Lake Nakuru without no loss on game drive, and alternative accommodation may be use. In Masai Mara, 3 Choice Mara Serena, Mara Simba or Mara Sarova, 2 choice In Lake Naivasha, Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge or Lake Naivasha Simba Lodge, in Amboseli 3 Choice Serena Lodge, Oltukai Lodge or Sopa Lodge, in Lake Manyara 2 Choice Serena Lodge or Kirurumu Tented Camp, In Ngorongoro Crater 2 Choice Serena Lodge or Ngorongoro Explorean Lodge, in Serengeti 3 Choice of all Serena properties Serengeti Serena, Mbuzi Mawe, Kirawira Tented camp and Mbalageti Tented Camp. All the space and reservation is based on first come first serve and we reserve the rights to use the similar type of accommodation or alternative re-route.


This is SAFARI de luxe. Minimal age of the participant is 4 years old and child pays as an adult. Minimal number of participants is 1 person.

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